Week One

October 7 2021 – Week One TSA Platinum WOW! I’ve started! TSA providing so many resources, teaching materials, community-based activities to learn from with and for. It’s pile-on time at the moment. I’m writing like never before, crafting and playing. New collaborations beginning to bud, older ones blooming and deeper roots forming. Loving the love… Continue reading Week One

Ready for the Next

I enrolled on the TSA Platinum Mentoring Program. It’s a year long course working with professionals in the music business, as well as continuing to work with up and coming songwriters like myself, to build solid foundations for my songwriting career. I will begin in October and I am VERY excited!

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Bootcamp Done

I finished The Songwriting Academy bootcamp on Friday (16 July 2021), on one of the biggest highs of my life. A week filled with positivity, creativity, inclusivity, individuality and musical expression galore. It was a beautifully safe space to explore my songwriting potential – having been a poet until now. The final group I collaborated… Continue reading Bootcamp Done