A quick, nearly 6 months, later

March 17th 2022

I have about 15 songs in production, 2 EPs on their way and at least 2 songs to be released this year by independent artists. One of the EPs will be all my own work, based on my poetry. I’m also having vocal training locally and with the TSA, I’ve joined a choir who are singing my songs, I’m learning production (Ableton) and I’m building a great team of collaborators – lyricists and topliners, producers, musicians to start with. The music industry has so many moving parts. It’s about the songs and what goes around the songs. There’s something lovely, simple, direct and natural about taking a new song to choir and teaching it to them. Instant feedback on how it sounds, how it feels to other people, how the words work and the flavour of the song.

Next steps – EPs and showcase song releases.