Week One

October 7 2021 – Week One TSA Platinum

WOW! I’ve started! TSA providing so many resources, teaching materials, community-based activities to learn from with and for. It’s pile-on time at the moment. I’m writing like never before, crafting and playing. New collaborations beginning to bud, older ones blooming and deeper roots forming. Loving the love in this ride!

So, how do you go from a title, an idea, a line or a tune to a full song? There are many parts, steps, pieces of the jigsaw. How it gets done will vary from person to person. For me, I can get the words or a tune, and it’s the bringing them together where the magic happens. And the magic needs practice! So, I’m practicing, every day, creating something musical, lyrical, magical from one of my crazy lines or subtle tunes.