Bootcamp Done

I finished The Songwriting Academy bootcamp on Friday (16 July 2021), on one of the biggest highs of my life. A week filled with positivity, creativity, inclusivity, individuality and musical expression galore.

It was a beautifully safe space to explore my songwriting potential – having been a poet until now.

The final group I collaborated had 2 hours to write a song. It all clicked and we wrote something we were proud of. In the feedback session, we got fantastic and powerful feedback from our mentor, Rob Wells. To have someone IN THE BUSINESS say good things about our song was beyond fantastic. I can never not believe in myself again. I got goosebumps when I saw that our song had genuinely moved him.

A great way to end a great week, and the sure and definite start of a new chapter in my life. Watch this space!

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